by Staff

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!! That's right Christmas time, you take a back seat to Elk Season.

The HunTac Gear team is headed to the Rocky Mountains once again to chase the majestic wapiti. This trip is our chance to not only put some wild meat in the freezer, we also use this time to test our new gear designs and armory projects.

This year Jake has a Cow tag and Debbie (Mrs. HunTac) has a Cow tag and a Bull tag. We could tell you it was because of the tag draw system, but it's because she's a better hunter!!!! Don't worry we'll still let Jake think he's cool.

Being a small family run business requires we "close shop" during this trip. Orders placed after October 5th 2018 will begin shipping on Monday October 22, 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and as always we appreciate your support. 

Good Luck to everyone who is hunting the 2018 big game seasons, we hope to share some awesome stories with you soon.

HunTac Gear